We are a Law Firm with a clear focus on

the needs of today’s companies. Our Partners

are actively involved in their clients’ businesses.

Our experience in Corporate and Business Law

 enables us to understand the issues and challenges

affecting corporate business today.

We apply the latest management and technology tools
to the field of Law. As a result, we can provide maximum
efficiency in project management and client interaction.


Internet Law

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Renewable Energies

Real Estate Law

Pharmaceutical and Sanitary Law

Foundations & Non-Profit

Venture Capital

Alternative Equity Markets | AEM


At Medina&Maza we are looking for people trained in the field of Law,
with a strong work ethic and proven dedication, but, above all, the
commitment and passion to join a Law Firm with a unique vision
and understanding of its clients’ needs.

Send us your CV
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