The main aim of the National Innovation Undertaking (ENISA), public undertaking subordinated to the Ministry of Industry, is to encourage the creation, growth and consolidation of the Spanish small sized undertaking by actively taking part in innovating and viable project financing as well as in venture capital. Accordingly, EINSA is preparing a collaborative platform on Internet in order to establish contact between undertakings and investors and allow enterprising gain in investments.

The project, provisionally named “Einsa Market Place” has the aim to create an interactive space for future projects, via different ways: venture capital, business angels or crowd-funding.

One of the main pretensions of this project is to foment the initiative on crowd-funding in Spain, enabling Enisa clients the access to this kind of project financing. “Clients” are considered all those small and medium sized undertakings (pymes) which have been financed by Enisa (around 2.800 undertakings).

Regardless of the current situation, ENISA counts with 126.000.000€ for loaning and looks forward to formalizing around one million loans.


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