Today, The Parliament will discuss the Project on the Regulation of the Environmental Evaluation. This Regulation is aimed to establish the bases that must govern the evaluation assessment of the plans, programmes and projects that are susceptible of causing negative effects on environment, by granting in all the national territory a high level of environmental protection, with the objective of promoting sustainable development.

The project will be defended by the Government because they allege it is a key sector for employment generation and economic growth, capable of creating 80.000 new jobs and 1.000 million Euros.

One of the most important points of the Project on the Regulation of the Environmental Evaluation is the control of the environmental impacts that the hydrocarbon removal may have by using the technique of fracking. Detractors of this technique denounce the risks for health and environment it may have.

Moreover, the Regulation pretends to reduce the terms of the processing of files in these matters to 4-6 months of duration (actually 3-4 years).

Last but not least the Project implements the study of the effects of the projects by means of the climatic change and creates an instrument named “Banks of conservation of the nature” for compensating, repairing or restoring possible loses of natural values.


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