Our experience in Corporate and Business Law

 enables us to understand the issues and challenges

affecting corporate business today

We are law professionals standing close and aside to Business Law. Its legal issues coming out of the regular business activities, including family business, require strategic advice and control of the corporate activity.

Our team of professionals is involved in the planning and execution of mergers and divisions, both between companies inside a group and independent entities, providing our clients a global coverage within all the different legal aspects involved in the process.

Furthermore, our professionals get fully involved within all the process, as from the first negotiations step, design of the legal structure of the operation, shareholders agreements, due diligence processes, and all necessary legal documents up to the end of the transaction.

After the conclusion of the operation, we continue serving clients in all the inherent issues of the company activities (secretariat, advise, partner agreements, administrator’s liabilities, etc).

We stand for our customers’ position and apply all our efforts, knowledge, experience and negotiation skills in order to provide the best solutions to the conflicts that arise in their business activity.


As for our expertise, we feel particularly confident in negotiation procedures. In most cases, the best solution is an agreement negotiated between parts, where time and flexibility are factors easier to control than in other instances.


On the other side of Court resolutions, we also provide Alternate Dispute Resolutions, especially on Arbitration and Mediation in both Civil and Business matters. We take part acting as arbitrators and mediators in different Arbitration Courts and Mediation Institutes.


This is our natural environment, and where we have been acting for the last 30 years, before all Courts and jurisdictions, especially, because of the nature of our clients, Civil or Business.

The knowledge and practice of Law in Courts, representing and defending our clients, is one of the areas in which our experience becomes more important. The timing, shape, intensity, selection of actions to exercise jurisdiction, and the knowledge of previous events, as well as the strategies to follow, are critical points. Even more than the litigation development itself.


We also participate in bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings, both in its previous stages (art. 5 bis LC) as well as in procedures in Courtroom. We have quite a wide experience in these areas, as we have met several restrictive economic cycles.

Our Procedural Law department counts not only with the best human resources, but also with the best organisation and technical structure according to todays Procedural Law demands, with a great ability to easily adapt to fast-pace changes happening in Courts.

Jesús Fernández Domínguez

Responsible of the Procedural Law Area

After several years of professional practice in Procedural Laws, Litigations, and Public Tender advice, he currently runs the Litigation department of the firm.

He has an extensive experience in Arbitration, extrajudicial mediation and Litigation practice before the Courts in a wide range of jurisdictions: Civil, Commercial, and Insolvency Laws. He participates in administrative, litigating and penal proceedings, specially, in societary, intellectual and industrial property crimes, and bankruptcy crimes.

Represents and assists en these practices to clients in different economic sectors such as: Pharmaceutical Law, Renewable Energy, Industrial and Intellectual rights, Transport and Logistics, Public Liability, Payment Claims, and Bankruptcy Proceedings.

  • Law Degree, Universidad de Burgos.
  • Master’s Degree in Business Law , Escuela de Negocios San Pablo-CEU.
  • Monographic Course de Insolvency Law, Centro de Estudios Financieros.
  • Collegiate Member of Colegio de Abogados de Madrid, 2005.