Last Friday, the Council of Ministers passed a Royal Decree which modified Royal Decree 1553/2005, of 23rd December, on the regulation of the expedition of the ID Card and electronic signature.

The modified extents are the next:

  • The activation of the electronic identification will be available for everybody, but the activation of the electronic signature will only be obtainable by adults (18 or more years). The delivery of a document with a certified activated electronic identification will allow the protection of minors in social networks, because many web sites request for this information (the age of the minors).
  • Simplification of bureaucracy for the request of the first delivery of the ID card: a referral note of registration of residency in a town will be enough (before the certificate of registration of residency in a town was compulsory).
  • Technical modifications on thumb printing (in cases of physical defect or finger mutilation).
  • Minors which are aged less of five years will have a validity of their ID Cards of two years (before five), because of the regular physical changes.
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