According to the report prepared in November 2013 by the Commission for the Reform of Public Administration (CORA) on measures to eliminate administrative duplication, the Government intends to transfer exclusively to the State, before the end of 2014, the Labour and Social Security Inspections, which are currently a shared competence with the Regions. In order to bring these measures, the Government will have to pass a new Regulation on the Inspection System of Labour and Social Security (ITSS).

The main objectives of the measure can be summarized as follows:

– Saving 2.6 million Euros for the state and 255. 013 Euros for the Regions in the first three years of operation.

– Avoid duplication.

– Create a State Labour Authority to resolve the sanctions proposed by the ITSS to national companies.

– Establishment of the State Inspection Authority.

– Strengthen the organizational and institutional ITSS position in the Ministry of Employment and Social Security.

– Achieve a unit inspection activity of the regions with uniform application of social legislation throughout the country.

– Allocation of inspection powers over national companies to a special unit attached to the Central Authority.


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